Humor Makes the World a Better Place.

Humor in Parenting- Sometimes in life the best way to survive (and yes I mean survive- we all know some days we just have to survive) parenthood is by laughing. I laugh a lot. I absolutely have to because if I don't I would probably cry. We as a society tend to think of humor as part of our genetic makeup, like whether we will have blue or brown eyes or even small hands. But a sense of humor actually is a learned quality that can be developed in kids, not something they're born with.

A good sense of humor is a tool that kids can rely on throughout this crazy life to help them with things like

-see things from many perspectives other than the most obvious

-be spontaneous

-grasp unconventional ways of thinking or ideas

-see beyond the first appearance of something

-enjoy and participate in the fun aspects of life

-not take themselves too seriously

Here are a few examples of when I laugh - Two year old son chases six year old son with butcher knife. You laugh and don't make eye contact while you try to disarm said two year old. Then you laugh a lot more once the whole scene is cleared.

Five year old son comes running down to the barn in 40 degree weather to figure out where his lunch box is so his father can pack his lunch and for some reason he is in his Bogg boots and skibbies with his arms crossed in front of his chest like that is going to keep him warm. YOU LAUGH because who lets a child leave the house in just his unders and bogg boots- we do.

Orrrrr the time you tell your now three year old that he has to buckle up because if he doesn't and I get pulled over the cops will bring me to jail and your six year old shows no form of F$#@'s and just wants to go the heck home and says "will the cops at least drive me home." That is when you laugh a lot because you realize he doesn't care about you going to jail just if he can get home without you. mehhh. So moms, dads, grandparents, please just find a time to laugh. Laugh with those babies, laugh at those babies, and even if in society its frowned upon for them to swear but at that very moment you just can't help but laugh because they said a$$ well ladies and gentlemen please know I have and I will still laugh at my kids when they say these things. It may be under my breathe, in the bathroom, buried into a pillow, or down right in front of them BUT I will laugh at them. So please find the humor in things, live that life happy, and show those kiddos that laughing things off good or bad isn't such a bad thing in life. Happy Laughing- -Erin

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