Naming a Bambino Is Hell-o Hardddd

Soooooooo many people have asked us how we came up with the names for our boys so I figured I would give a little insight as to how their weird out of the norm names came about.. When my husband and I went to name our four bundles of joy it was probably the hardest thing we have ever had to do (other then trying to keep them from peeing on us during diaper changes-that my friends is nearly impossible). Not only did we have to name four children but we had to name FOUR BOYS. Do you know how hard it is to find four names for the same gender that you absolutely love without causing them to shank you in your sleep when they are 20 because they hate their name. GAHHHHHH...

So let's do a break down of the ways we named our kids because lord knows it's funny. I mean really a few of them I was high as a kite off of the meds from a c-section when I was dead set on their names... Whoopsie. But in all seriousness I love helping to name babies. It's one of my favorite things about pregnancy. So here is my run down of what we did to name four boys.

1-With the last name Smith we wanted them to be different first names so when they are older they can be different then the average "John Smith".

2- We made sure their initials didn't spell anything... like A.S.S. or B.J.S. You know because we live in a world that kids are going to find the most ridiculous things to tease a kid about in school.

3- We wanted them to have some family ties to their names. So all our kids have a loved ones name or something tied to something that has meant something to us.

4- We wanted them to be strong names. (Trust me I tried to get Oaklynn as Driftin's name and no one would let me do it).

And last but not least.....

5- I was a crazy person and I wanted no one else to have my boys names. I wanted them different and out there. (As I had more kids the farther out there we got with names too).

So here is what my boys names mean-

Son #1-Colton - We loved the name and it was totally not common seven years ago.

Hugh- It was my Grandpa Bill's middle name and my Uncle Dan's middle name.

Son#2- Arkin- This is my Great Great Grandpa's name on my dads side.. But once again I was a little medicated when we picked it out (yep didn't have it until we had him) and spelled it wrong. Joshua- The only way I could get my husband to agree to Arkin was by giving him his first name as his middle. Mehhhh. Marriage means compromise right?

Son#3- Driftin- I was in full blown labor and my sister in law was in Wildwood New Jersey and sent me a picture of a road sign saying "Drifton Road" and I loved the name and choose it in my morphine state of mind.

Basil- This is my Great Grandpa's on my moms side first name.

Son #4- Thaxtin- at 20 weeks pregnant I had a dream his name was Thaxtin after facebook creeping our good friends page and her maiden name was Thaxton. Ridge- The last road we lived on was Ridge road and it just fit so well with Thaxtin so we went with it.

Now everyone asks me if I stuck with the "in" or "on" at the end of the name to tie them all together and to be honest I didn't. It was just a happy coincidence. To me naming a child is so darn hard. I mean this is something they usually live with for their whole lives (unless they change it) and thats just a lot of damn responsibility to get it right. But these were the ways that we narrowed down the thousands of names we went through, so if you ever need a little push in one direction or the other, or even my crazy list of top unusual names for boy or girl just hit me up and I am more then happy to give you my list. Ps. Remember ladies- The mens last name will forever be tagged to the end of that babies name... So if you want a certain name PUSH for it. (Literally).

Happy Naming-